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DeviceN color space with
8 colorants is supported.

Preserves layers when creating PDFs from

Preserves layers when creating PDFs from
Details of Machinery Installed
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Details of Machinery Installed

Palmary CNC Cyliondrical Cam grinding M/C

320 dia x 600

BFW VF2 (Vertical Milling Machine)


BFW HF2 (Vertical Milling Machine)


V M C BFW Agni 45 TC 20


Palmary CNC Surface Grinding M/C

350 x 800

Vertical Milling Machine Hartford LG 1000(Taiwan)

X1000 Y450 Z450.

Vertical Milling Machine Hartford LG 800(Taiwan)

X800 Y400 Z400

CNC Lathe Doosan Lynx 220(Taiwan)

L 400

CNC Miling Machine (Aciera-Switzerland)

L 0.5 m

Cylindrical/ID Grinding Machine(WWW-Germany)

200 dia x 500

Cylindrical Grinding Machine(Fortune-Germany)

L 1.5 m

Cylindrical Grinding Machine(Jon Shipmen-England)

L 0.5 m

Surface Grinding Machine (Elb-Germany)

X600 y250 z350

Surface Grinding Machine (Stank Import Russia)

X600 y250 z350

Universal Milling Machine (Dufour France)

x600 y250 z250

Vertical Milling Machine (Argo-Taiwan)

x600 y250 z250
Cettic 12 JSR Lathe Machine PL-2

X700 Y250 Z250

Bench Grinder 2HP

2 HP

Universal Milling Machine(TOS-Zecoslovaciya) X1000 Y450 Z450

Horizontal Milling Machine(Wanderer 536)

X700 Y250 Z250

Hydraulic Press Machine(Indotech-India)

L 400

Bench Grinder 4 HP

40 T

Lathe Machine(Arjun-India) 9" Bed
Generater(Cummins) 200KVA
Honning M3-63VS Machine India 3 mm to80 mm dia.
Pillar Drill Machine(Suraj-India) 2" Capacity
Metal cutting Horizontal Band Saw M/C 200 dia
Hacksaw Cutting Machine (Jaswant make) 200 mm Round Bar
Welding Machine 200AMP
Abbressive Belt Machine(India)