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Company Introduction
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DeviceN color space with
8 colorants is supported.

Preserves layers when creating PDFs from

Preserves layers when creating PDFs from
Details of Machinery Installed
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Features of Oilless Products

1. No lubrication required
2. Smooth and spotless operation.
3. Solution to bearing friction problems.
4. Less maintenance and longer life.
5. Total cost reduction.
Unlimited – Applications
  Automobile Production
Press Lines
Assembly Lines
Conveyor Lines
Automobile Parts, etc.

Heavy duty machinery
Steel Rolling Mills.
Injection Molding Machines
Press Dies
Machines, Etc.

Part Requiring
heat Resistance

Steel Mills
Drying Machines
Blast Furnaces
Kilns , Etc.
  Where oil Contamination
is Objectionable

Food Processing Machines
Spinning Machines
Paper Mills
Printing Machines , etc.

Hydraulic Machines
Pneumatic Machines
Bearings Sliding Plates, etc.